We can provide you with comprehensive legal services for the whole period of duration of your business:

1. Establishment of your company, including obtaining trade licences, representation in the proceedings held by the registration court and registration with the local revenue office. Clients who need to start their business as soon as possible can use a company which has already been established, is duly registered and sleeping, has a fully paid registered capital, pursued no activity as yet and has transparent accounts. For more details see www.pajerovaconsult.cz.

2. Representation at general meetings. Your company may use our premises as venue for its general meetings; if required by law, we can arrange for the presence of a notary at such meetings.

3. Changes in companies (change of registered office, of statutory bodies, increase of registered capital, mergers, etc.) and related issues of the Commercial Register.

4. Full legal services connected with the operations of an already established company, such as preparation of contractual documentation connected with the company’s activities, legal analyses, cooperation with tax advisors and accounting auditors in the process of optimisation of the company’s taxes.

5. Preparation and implementation of shares in companies. Providing of legal assistance at cancellation, liquidation and termination of business companies.

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You can have purchase and donation contracts, lien contracts, contracts on the creation of a charge, and other contractual documents (e.g. construction agreements, declaration of the owner of building, etc.), drafted to suit your needs.

We can also represent you in the proceedings before cadastral offices.

If you sell real property, you can use our service of custody with an attorney-at-law for a safe settlement of the purchase price.

We also provide legal services in drafting lease contracts for residential or non-residential premises as well as all and any other legal services with respect to real property.

The signatures on these and other types of contracts we will check in our office, without having to visit a notary.

Our team provides legal aid in the process of real property acquisition and the subsequent development activities: representation in dealings with state administration bodies in the land planning and building approval proceedings, legal aid with financing the project, preparation of contractual documentation for building deliveries, preparation of all contractual documentation for potential buyers, and other connected legal services to the investor.

We recommend to our clients who wish to buy, acquire or otherwise dispose of companies, businesses, real property, etc. to have them submitted to the so-called legal due diligence procedure in order to prevent potential legal problems in the future. In accordance with the client’s exact instructions we make an audit of the legal condition of companies, businesses, real property, etc., which we use as a basis for our final report following the client’s requirements and containing data on the legal standing of the subject-matter of purchase and potential recommendations on optimisation of the transaction in order to minimise the risk of potential future disputes faced by our client.

Preparation of all types of contractual documentation and expert opinions on draft contracts within the entire limits of private law.

We represent companies as well as individuals at enforcement of claims against their debtors. This process includes assessment of enforceability of the claim as well as representation before general courts or arbitration tribunals and representation in the execution proceedings.

The law office provides a wide range of legal services in the matters of family law, also in English and German and foreigners form a major part of our clientele in family matters.

Custody and visitation – we always proceed having in mind the interest of children and trying to reduce any stress situations. We cooperate with offices for social and legal protection of children and we are able to recommend mediators or assistance agencies.

Maintenance – we can advise you on how to succeed with your requests for increase or reduction of maintenance.

Kidnappings – we are also experienced in representing clients before the Office for International Legal Protection of Children and in return proceedings.

Divorce – we fully recognize that divorce is not just a legal but also a personal and highly emotional matter to you; however, we can be uncompromising towards the counterparty whenever required and be firm in achieving the objectives pursued.

Community property – we can help you with drafting prenuptial agreements as well as with constriction or settlement of community property and we can get a flexible notary public.

We can also help you with paternity suits and the issues of law of succession.

We have been cooperating with mediators on a long-term basis and we can efficiently involve a therapist or a negotiator even if the other spouse rejects any solutions at first. We handle any conflict negotiations with a spouse or counterparty in a cultivated and dispassionate manner.

We have also established an excellent cooperation with Area Fausta, a specialized organization for assisted contacts of parents and children, providing valuable advice. We cooperate with them in difficult family situations.

Last but not least, we are members of the Union of Family Law Attorneys and we have endorsed the Union’s mission not to escalate family law disputes into conflicts lasting many years, to promote out-of-court resolution of family law matters and to consider court resolution and litigation as the last resort.

We arrange for registration of trademarks of our clients and represent them in dealings with the Industrial Property Office. We also provide legal assistance in connection with the exercise of copyrights, such as drafting licence contracts, enforcing claims against unauthorized users of copyrighted works, etc.

We can provide both the employees and the employers with full services for the whole period of duration of their employment relationship, starting from drafting or reviewing of employment contracts, through drafting of their changes and amendments, up to changing and terminating the employment. More in section Legal aid to foreifners.

Based on an analysis of your needs and requirements we can help you to obtain residential permit, trade licences, registration with the local revenue office, social security administration, health insurer, labour permit, if necessary.

Based on an analysis of your business activities we can propose an optimal solution to minimise your tax duties and the tax burden or limitation of your heirs. For this purpose we provide legal aid with all necessary steps and formalities in low-tax locations, such as Cyprus, the B.V.I., etc.


To provide maximum protection and safety of your financial means, we are offering attorney´s-at-law custody.

Benefits you get from the custody:

  • The parties´ risk is mitigated (the money from the custody are released to the respective party only after performance of an obligation of the other party)
  • 100% surety that the money will be disposed of only in accordance with the Custody Agreement
  • Increased trust of the counterparty/ business partner in the particular financial transaction
  • The attorney-at-law is an impartial third party there.
  • Advantage compared to real estate agency custody (of a purchase price) – real estates agencies do not have special accounts opened for such purposes on which your money would be differentiated from the real estates agency’s money
  • Advantage compared to public notary’s custody – it usually represents significant savings for you as a notary public is bound with tariffs that must be kept and the overall administration is demanding

Attorney’s-at-law custody – contractual agreement on the price, or the price is already included in the previously agreed attorney’s-at-law fee for the case, maximum flexibility, 100% surety, attorney’s-at-law insurance


Our attorneys-at-law use certifications book and it means significant time saving for you (i.e. without any need to visit a notary public) in preparation of various documents, powers of attorney, agreements and other documentation where signatures thereto are certified right during the meeting in our office or at the client’s.


Based on an agreement with you, we will provide for production of expert reports in any branches required.


We will try and minimize your costs by recommending reliable and competent translators and provide officially certified translations and apostilles of documents.


Consult with us in what situation arbitration proceedings will be appropriate or consult the process of such proceedings with us.


We will be glad to recommend a reliable firm to keep single- and double-entry bookkeeping to make the business and administration burden of your company easier.


Advokátní kancelář Pajerová s.r.o. is a member of the AEA – International Lawyers Network (Asociación Europea de Abogados).

Membership in this prestigious international organization brings multiple advantages to our clients whose legal cases somehow reach over the borders of this country.

If necessary, we can arrange a corresponding legal service in any of the foreign offices that are members of the association. We can use the AEA system where its members have an electronic email forum that enables us to address a colleague from abroad and solve any doubts concerning legal issues of another membership country with his help.

About AEA:

In the current global world, AEA´s objective is to provide its services on a global scale as well. Although it has started as a European organization, it has now expanded worldwide, with its branches in several large cities of the world.

The member law offices and lawyers have been chosen with rigour according to selection standards that valued professionalism, competence, references, and efficiency in every one of the chosen professionals.

Having been chosen a member of AEA, it is an acknowledgement of our professionalism in advocacy and confirmation of a high standard of our services that we always try to attain. For more information, see http://www.aeuropea.com/