Feb 13

Interest on Alimony


As from the last year, under the novel of the Civil Code, delay interests may be claimed from a person obliged to provide maintenance if in default with alimony payments, on top of alimony payments. Interests may be claimed only as accrued from the effective date of the novel.The amount of the interests on alimony is determined by the Governmental Decree No. 351/2013 Coll. and currently, it amounts to 8.25% on a yearly basis. The obligation to pay delay interests accrued on the overdue alimony is not imposed on the obliged person directly by the law, the court can only decide about it based on the entitled party’s motion.Delay interests may be determined by the court decision also on alimony installments for a minor which will become due in the future.The right to claim delay interest on alimony applies to all types of alimony, not only to alimony for minors.
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