Mar 24

Dear clients,


Our office remains open for business during the Covid-19 outbreak.
For the time being, we are operational and able to assist with most of your matters.
However we have to obey the guidelines of Czech Bar Association,
which means that most meetings will now be held electronically, i.e. over the phone or Internet.
In cases where authorities, courts and other currently closed institutions are involved,
we’ll do our best to arrange the the earliest available appointments following their re-opening.
We can also still arrange services such as signature verification and others.
Please follow our Facebook page for the most up-to-date information reagarding the coronavirus situation.
We’re also offering legal advice in areas of extraordinary matters such as damages,
tax changes, providing home care for a child/ family member,
labor-law implications for employers and employees, etc.
We’ll do our best to provide a free initial consultation over the phone,
however this may depend on staff availability and current volume of calls.
We wish that the Covid-19 outbreak will affect you and your business as little as possible.