Oct 27

Briefly about EET (Electronic Registration of Sales)


On what is EET applies

• Cash payments
• Payment by payment card (credit and debit)
• Payment by check or bill of Exchange
• Payment gift vouchers, vouchers, meal vouchers, tokens and virtual currency
• Payments through payment gateways (such as PayPal or PayU)

What does EET not apply
• Transfer money from one account to another
• Depositing cash in the account

Whose Sales are excluded from EET
• State and local governments
• Funded organisation
• Postal license holder
• Banks, insurance companies, pension and investment company
• Companies in the energy sector and water management

What is needed for EET

• Mobile phone, tablet or cashbox with internet access
• Software for communications with servers of Financial Administration
• Receipt printer

How much does it cost
• Basic equipment can take up to CZK 5,000
• Advanced cash registers come forth to at least CZK 10,000
• For large operations with multiple cash registers can achieve overall costs tens of thousands of crowns

Checking compliance register of sales
• Perform by Financial ansd Customs Administration through control purchases

Sanction for breach of duty

• Fine up to CZK 500 000
• The upper limit of fines threatens in case of serious or repeated infringements
• measure of last resort can be close an undertaking