Jul 5

After many years of its operation, having provided financial support to dozens of major law projects, the Hugo Grotius Foundation now says goodbye.


The Foundation was established in 1999, with a financial support from the government of The Netherlands. The Foundation was named after the famous Dutch lawyer Hugo Grotius (1583-1645) who laid the foundations of the international law. The Foundation’s objective was to stimulate and provide financial support to the cooperation among legal experts, for the purpose of universal support and development of legal culture in the Czech Republic.

Among its supported entities were Bílý kruh bezpečí, projects of the Faculty of Law of the Charles University or the Faculty of Law of the Masaryk University and student law associations (Common Law Society​, Spolek českých právníků Všehrd​) or the portal www.obczan.cz.

Vladimíra Pajerová​, a partner in the law firm AK Pajerová s.r.o. and a long-term member and vice-chairman of the Foundation’s Management Board, has worked in the Foundation with many big names of the Czech legal scene, such as JUDr. Otakar Motejl​, JUDr. Karel Čermák, JUDr. Ján Gronský, JUDr. Michaela Strížová and JUDr. David Uhlíř, to name just a few, and with personalities of Dutch diplomacy such as Jan Lucas Van Hoorn, Jan C. Henneman or Misja den Haan, one of the personalities of the Netherlands – Czech Chamber of Commerce.

By this short goodbye note, JUDr. Vladimíra Pajerová would like to thank all previous and present members of the Management and Supervisory Boards and secretaries of the Foundation, her colleagues who participated in the activities and operation of the Foundation and who spent their efforts in supporting and developing legal education. Being a part of the Foundation was an honor.

We believe that the legacy of the Foundation would live on in its supported projects from which the future generations of young law students may benefit.