The client’s interests are our interests:

We guarantee reliability, high professional level, discreteness. We will satisfy even your above-standard requirements.

Tradition, market position, stability:

Providing legal services, our law office may rely on its extensive practice, draw from multiple experiences and a wide and variable group of clients involving both entrepreneurs and private persons, both local and foreign.

We are not an anonymous office:

Our legal consultancy is based on personal contacts with our clients. Our registered office is easy to reach in terms of transportation. In the event of time pressure, we are online and accessible via all modern means of communication.

We will keep your costs to minimum:

We work efficiently, thus economically. You will always be informed beforehand about the price of the provided legal service. Without your approval, we do not create any costs to you. Try and choose us and use the possibility of the first 20 minutes of consultation for free.

We keep the terms:

During our cooperation, you will be always informed of all of our steps, we react promptly. To increase the flexibility, the attorney’s – at-law authorization to certify signatures may be used when signing documents.








AMENDMENT OF REAL ESTATE ACQUISITION TAX – what do the buyers have to prepare themselves for?

1. Change of the payer of the real estate acquisition tax Currently, the payer of the real estate acquisition tax...

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